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Studying at Plumstead Manor Sixth Form

Expectations and Requirements

For all of our students we hold the upmost expectations in regards to behaviour, personal and academic standards as well as aspirations.  We aim to do all that we can to ensure that students also have access to as much information and guidance as possible throughout their time with us within the Sixth Form to ensure that they thrive.

Please see below for all of the policies ad requirements of students and parents/carers that are to required to sign/acknowledge before a student can enrol with us within Plumstead Manor Sixth Form.

Student Subject Requirements and Enrolment

Currently within the Plumstead Manor Sixth Form we predominantly run with a Level 3 offer for all eligible students from both within and outside of Plumstead Manor School.  We also are in the process of starting a Level 2 offer, which currently remains predominantly for internal students.

Level 3 Study

To enrol with us for a Level 3 program all students should have at least 5 9-4 grades at GCSE. 

We do currently offer students the opportunity to complete GCSE English Language or GCSE Maths alongside their Level 3 studies, if they have yet to achieve a grade 4.  With this consideration, these students would have to meet the minimum entry requirements for their 3 A Levels, and would only be accepted if these subjects did not require the missing English Language or Maths grade.  We do not currently advise that students attempt a Level 3 pathway if they have yet to achieve a grade 4 in both English Language and Maths as this is often too much of a requirements for our students and can often lead to lower outcomes that wanted.  Within Level 3 we offer a range of Vocational and A Level subjects and these can be taken as a mixture depending on timetabling. 

We do also offer the chance for year 12 students to undertake the AS Level - EPQ.  This is to be taken in addition to the other 3 A Levels a student is taking, and is subject to entry requirements and ability for it to be timetabled.

Please click here to see our current entry requirements for September 2024.

Level 2 Study

As outlined above we are currently forming a Level 2 pathway that is predominantly for our internal students.  This offers students a chance to complete both GCSE English Language and Maths within a year as well as 3 other GCSEs to enable them to progress onto a Level 3 pathway with ourselves or other educational establishments or training/apprenticeship programmes.

The entry requirement for this pathway are achieving grade 3's in both English Language and Maths with places very limited. 

In previous years the GCSE offer that we have had in addition to the English Language and Maths have been:

  • Creative iMedia
  • Statistics
  • Art, Craft and Design


Once a student has received their GCSE grades they will be able to attend an enrolment interview with us.  To ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible is it a requirement for them to bring along with them:

* If you are a year 12 student wanting to re-enrol with us to complete a further 2 years of study you will need to also bring along copies of all GCSEs.  If you are wanting to transfer mid-year or re-start A Levels you will also need to bring copies of most recent reports of A Levels being studied currently/AS results, as well as a reference from your Head of Year confirming attendance, courses studied as well as current progress.

 ** If you are student that is coming from abroad, you will need to have a NARIC conversion of your grades with you for an enrolment interview to be completed.

 Sixth Form Alumni

As we are sadly saying goodbye to our year 13 we would like to wish them all the best in their endeavours. 

We would however like to take this opportunity to invite them to join our Alumni programme, to be able to update us with their progress within their careers as well as for them to have the opportunity to come back into the school to further engage and inspire our community.

If you would like to sign-up to this community, please contact sixthform.info@plumsteadmanor.com with your personal email address with Alumni 2021 in the title of the email.   

Useful Information

Here are some quick links to information for Sixth Form students

Beyond Sixth Form

Throughout your time within the Sixth Form we will endeavour to provide you with as many details as possible on different opportunities available to you after your time within the Plumstead Manor Sixth Form.

Details of the opportunities will often be sent to you via your school email and will cover topics such as: