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Plumstead Manor

Art, Design & Technology

Art, Design & Technology


Profile of the Department

Here at Plumstead Manor our aim is to inspire the next generation of creative people: architects, fashion designers, master chefs, engineers to name a few. We believe that the design principals taught at secondary school in KS3, KS4 and KS5 will not only enable our students to creatively problem solve in their future education and careers but the skills they will learn will be useful throughout their lives in the home too.

The Art and Design Technology departments pride themselves on ensuring students become confident and knowledgeable artists developing  in a wide range of skills, techniques and styles through diverse and engaging schemes of work. Staff in the departments are highly skilled, ensuring students receive specialist advice and feedback. This allows students to understand assessment criteria and how to improve and raise their levels within the subject. Visits to exhibitions and workshops are organised throughout the key stages in order to allow students to engage with artwork and gain an understanding of a diverse range of artists and the art world as a whole. Students themselves exhibit work at the end of KS4/5 in school and London based exhibitions.

KS3 CurriculumDesign & Technology

Our KS3 Art Curriculum is extensive, taught in our state of the art facilities including a media suite and our own dark room and kiln.

Please find here the full course content for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Art.

Our KS3 Design Technology is equally impressive with students completing five different projects each year across food, textiles, graphics and resistant materials.  Throughout each project the design process (research, designing, planning, making and evaluation) is embedded.

Please find here the full course content for Year 7,Year 8 and Year 9 DT.

KS4 CurriculumDesign & Technology

Students are able to take one or more of the following two year GCSEs as an option: 

Fine Art

Food Preparation and Nutrition



Product Design


We also have entry level qualifications of Arts and Crafts and BTEC Home Cooking available for students on this pathway to KS5 success.

KS5 Curriculum

KS5 Textiles students

Similar pathways are also available at KS5 with a full breadth and depth of subjects for any students wishing to specialise or consider further qualifications or employment within a creative industry.  With expert guidance, students are expected to work independently and rigorously to produce creative and demanding outcomes.

As part of the courses students will be encouraged to visit museums and exhibitions to inspire creativity and learn about the history of design.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Photography, Art and DT clubs are run both during lunchtime and after school.