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School Attendance


Our school works very closely with Royal Borough of Greenwich Attendance Advisory Officers to promote the importance of regular school attendance in order to ensure all students are able to progress, achieve and succeed. 

As part of our attendance strategy, Heads of Year monitor attendance weekly.


  • 100% = excellent attendance
  • 98% = very good attendance
  • 96% = good attendance


  • To achieve their full potential.
  • To learn and make new friends.
  • To develop a wide range of new skills.
  • To build confidence and self-esteem.
  • To develop social skills.
  • To develop awareness of other cultures and be part of a wider community.
  • Fulfilment of coursework requirements for some KS4 and 5 courses.
  •  Good references for Further and Higher Education as well as Employment.
  • A reputation for being reliable.
  • Enables students to have a greater chance of success in GCSEs and A’ Levels.


  • Encourage your child to attend school regularly.
  • Make every effort to arrange medical and dental appointments outside of school hours.
  • Support the school in ensuring that your child arrives to school on time every day (students should be in the school building no later than 8.25am).
  • Contact the school to discuss any problems or emerging issues with your child.
  • Support your child in completing homework to their best ability and handing it in on time and also asking for help in school when needed.
  • Join us in praising and rewarding your child’s achievement at school.
  • Encourage your child to take part in school events to boost their enjoyment of school.
  • Contact Plumstead Manor School promptly on the first morning of every absence: 020 3260 3333 (select option 1)


  • House competitions.
  • Attendance lottery competition with prizes of £50, £30 and £20 every half term.
  • Regular information sent to parents and carers.
  • Regular promotion of good attendance in all assemblies, bulletin, newsletters.
  • Regular report to Governors.
  • Computerised registration system which allows every lesson to be monitored.
  • Pastoral team members make home visits where absence is a concern.
  • A member of the office staff dedicated to the administration of attendance.
  • Dedicated absence line for voicemails to be left on regarding student absence.
  • Automated contact with parents when a student is absent and no message has been received.
  • Punctuality and Attendance Report for students where a concern has been identified or to prevent a concern.
  • The school provides parents with access to INSIGHT to monitor their child’s attendance to school and lessons.
  • 100% attendance rewards in school.
  • Support focused meetings with Pastoral Team.


Punctuality is a great habit and one valued by all employers.

All students should be outside their Tutor Room no later than 8.25am, in order that they are in their classroom and seated by 8.30am when the register is taken. Being on time means that your child can access Tutor Time activities in AM Registration and can also start the day well with their Form Tutor and receive news for the day and coming week.


We ask all parents for their full support in ensuring that holidays are not taken during term-time. There are a total of 175 non-school days every year to take holidays and arrange other family visits and activities. Taking children on holiday during term time means children will miss teaching and learning time and this can have a negative impact on their progress and achievement.

Should it be absolutely necessary to take your son/daughter out of school during term time, please complete a holiday request form. Please note that this may not be approved. All parents have legal duty to notify the school of why their child is not present in school.


School Absence line: 020 3260 3333 (select option 1)

Greenwich Attendance Advisory Officer: 020 8921 8578 or 020 8921 8510

Year 7 Team : 020 3260 3148

Year 8 & 9 Team: 020 3260 3150

Year 10 & 11 Team: 020 3260 3190

6th Form Office: 020 3260 3103/3141