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Plumstead Manor School
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Press Release 17th December 2018

Plumstead Manor has taken disciplinary action against students who have used racist and offensive language in recent social media posts.

Douglas Greig, Head Teacher at Plumstead Manor School, said: “We do not tolerate or accept any form of prejudice or extreme views at Plumstead Manor School. Harmony and justice are central to our values, and so hate-filled or racist views of any kind have no place in our community. Contrary to recent social media posts by others we have indeed disciplined any students who have used offensive and racist language online. We have listened to students who rightly voiced their concern about this during a protest, while the school day ultimately had to carry on. These views do not represent the views of our community and are utterly against our ethos and values.”

Cllr David Gardner, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children's Services and Schools, said: “This incident did not take place on school premises, and I know the school does not tolerate any kind of such behaviour. There is no place for racist language online, or anywhere else, and I applaud Plumstead Manor School for its swiftly taking action to investigate and discipline the students concerned for this totally unacceptable behaviour.”  


  • pupil posted a lip-synced video on Snapchat in which she ‘sang along’ to rap in which word ’N’ was used
  • another girl posted an offensive image on Snapchat which made racial references
  • none of this took place on school property
  • school investigated instances and disciplined pupils concerned 
  • school has no reported incidents where students have used the ’N’ word in school
  • Head Teacher has met with students about this issue on an ongoing basis throughout last week
  • a protest took place Friday break time, before lessons started again
  • an assembly held with relevant year group to make clear the school’s firm opposition to such incidents, that the matter was being investigated, also asking students for any further concerns or information 
  • Head Teacher spoke to smaller group of students who provided helpful evidence and background 
  • disciplinary action taken over this (and other unrelated matters); school will not discuss details further

False allegations being made about school on social media are addressed below:

  • students have never been permitted to get away with using the ’N’ word
  • Head Teacher has engaged with concerns raised by students, and not dismissed them
  • students have not been disciplined nor placed in internal exclusion because of the protest
  • students who have made offensive social media posts are being dealt with through the schools clear behaviour code and disciplinary sanctions.


17th December 2018